10/28/2016 MOVE

Name: Jane Strobino

Email Address: jstrobino@yahoo.com

Service Provided: Two men to load furniture onto a u-haul truck

Communication: 5 stars *****

Level of Care for Belongings: 5 stars *****

Satisfaction: 5 stars *****

Overall Rating: 5 stars *****

Narrative Review: Carlton was great in communicating with me prior to the move, assuring that our time schedule could be accommodated, and clarifying questions that I had about the move and the movers. Jerome and Wayne arrived on time, were respectful and allowed us to direct them as to the order of the furniture to be loaded as we were making 2 stops. Jerome was EXCELLENT. He was able to negotiate two different sets of stairs successfully in which the stairways were narrow and had curves without damage to the furniture or the walls. They finished the move within 1.5 hours. Jerome should be rewarded for his competence and leadership in completing the move for us. Wayne had to be told what to do by me even though he had already been told. I would not recommend Wayne nor would I use him if I used the service again. Despite this one concern, I would highly recommend this company. Thanks to Carlton, Jerome, and the woman in the office who called to confirm the items to be moved and the time of the move!