07/25/2016 MOVE

Name: Cathy Fitzgerald

Email Address: cfitz22801@hotmail.com

Service Provided: Moved me to new apartment

Communication: 5 stars *****

Level of Care for Belongings: 5 stars *****

Satisfaction: 5 stars *****

Overall Rating: 5 stars *****

Narrative Review: I cannot write enough GREAT things about the service I received. They were absolutely the best. On one of the hottest days of the summer so far, they kept going and never complained, never really stopped. They messaged me that morning to assure me they were on the way. On the trip to new apartment they again messaged me to let me know when they would be arriving. I had bought a washer and dryer and they even stopped by and picked those up for me on the way!

By all means, if you ever have to move call WB Movers. If I could give them millions of stars I would. Very kind and considerate, careful with my stuff and made sure everything was ok before they left. 

Great job guys!!! I wish you all the best in your business. I will tell everyone I know that if they ever need a move, to call you.