02/18/2017 MOVE

Name: Debra Thomas

Email Address: thomasdjc@gmail.com

Service Provided: Loading and unloading

Communication: 5 stars *****

Level of Care for Belongings: 5 stars *****

Satisfaction: 5 stars *****

Overall Rating: 5 stars *****

Narrative Review: Carlton and his crew were awesome! We hired them initially to help load a 20 ft UHaul for us. This was not typical household furniture. We had very heavy rolling tool chests, and a large quantity of tools and garage equipment. They did a great job loading and nothing shifted during our 2 hour drive to our new location. Once we arrived, we quickly realized we also needed help unloading. I gave Carlton a call and he worked us into his schedule on short notice. They worked late into the night unloading the contents and placing them in our basement. This was not an easy task. It was all stacked neatly exactly as we asked.

Carlton and his crew were polite, considerate, and professional in every way! I would highly recommend them for any moving job.