02/09/2017 POOL TABLE MOVE

Name: Ed Harvey

Email Address: ed@pmmicro.com

Service Provided: Moving a 9 foot pool table

Communication: 5 stars *****

Level of Care for Belongings: 5 stars *****

Satisfaction: 5 stars *****

Overall Rating: 5 stars *****

Narrative Review: 1st things 1st. I live in Lynchburg VA and I was in need of someone to move a regulation slate top pool table that was a special piece of furniture for me. I called around locally to try and find a mover with experience in moving a table. The local mover that I had used before suggested that he could come out and take the table apart. Then I could move it and then he would come back a couple of days later and reassemble. In all fairness to this gentleman. He had a back injury and said he had moved his last pool table. I was stuck !!!
Checking the web and found WB Movers and did I ever get lucky. The lady answering the phone was ready to go. She started looking at scheduling making phone calls and called me back within the 10 minutes she promised and the move was set. She actually wanted to know what time was good for me.

The day of the move, I received a call to let me know that they were on the way. They arrived on time and immediately went to work. I watched them for about 30 min and I could tell this was not their first time moving a pool table. As the table was taken apart. Each piece of carefully wrapped in a moving blanket and secured and padded in the van.

Once the move took place. The table was re-assembled with great attention to detail. Making sure the table was exactly where I wanted it. I was really impressed to the attention paid to the leveling of the slate and reinstalling my table felt. You would never know that it had been removed and re-installed.

Carlton Wells the owner. Shane and A.J, stayed until the job was finished and if they were in a hurry to leave. I never noticed it. 

Very neat and professional. When they left I looked around and aside from my pool table being there. You could never tell they were there.

I could not ask for a better experience. These guys are the PRO"S. !! They know what they are doing and they don't waste time. They cared about my furniture and made sure I was happy before they left.

I would not hesitate to call them again. They are the best
Thanks guys you did an awesome job and I appreciate it


E.M. ( Ed ) Harvey
V.P. Piedmont Micro Inc
Lynchburg VA
434 660 7355 for reference