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About WB Movers

This company began as a labor only moving company.  We predominately assisted customers with residential and office moves.  Upon this initial service, we expanded to full-service moving (where we provide the moving vehicle) and then we began adding specialty services (pool table moving, safe moving, piano moving).  We continue to offer labor only services to our customers who prefer to rent a moving vehicle and book us for loading, unloading, or both.

We understand that moving is a difficult process and we want to ensure that from the moment our customers consider our service until we pull out of your driveway at the completion of service that we have taken a bit of burden off their shoulders. 

WB Movers is based in Waynesboro, Virginia.  Although, we are committed to providing excellent moving services to the Waynesboro, Charlottesville, Staunton, and Harrisonburg areas, we venture throughout the state to help our customer with their needs.

This picture is meant to introudce the viewer to the beginning of WB Movers history.  Using a fairy format we want the viewer to know that we have looked at our orgin as the beginning of something great.
The WB Movers Logo
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