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Full Service Moving

Find Out How Easy Moving Can Be!!

Moving should be exciting, our Full Service Moving Option is designed to take the additional pressure off our customers. 


As a full-service moving company situated firmly between Charlottesville, Virginia and Harrisonburg, Virginia we are a short reach away from much of Virginia. 


You can count on us to handle every aspect of your move, from start to finish at a price that other companies in the area cannot beat. 


Our experienced crew will work diligently to make sure your belongings arrive at it's destination safely and securely. 

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Good Moving Is What
Good Movers Do Best!!

"Carlton and his team (both in the office and during the move) were phenomenal. Everybody we worked with was kind, professional, and responsive. Most importantly, they were very, very good at moving huge furniture! We had to move a large dresser and table through narrow halls and up and down stairs, and it was as though the furniture floated from one house to the other, without every touching a wall, a stair, or the ground. Just awesome. Thanks, WB!"
(Scott G - Thumbtack Review) 08/11/2019

What We Provide

By choosing the Full Service Moving Option, WB Movers will provide: 

  • Moving Vehicle(s)

  • Moving Crew

  • Moving Equipment

You can choose other services to accompany the Full Service Moving Option, such as:

  • Packing & Unpacking

  • Housekeeping

  • Debris Removal

Our Process

We prefer to do a site evaluation prior to the move.  When this is possible, we will coordinate a date prior to the date of service to do so. 


During this site evaluation, we do light inventorying and gather information from the customer to begin forming a plan for their upcoming move. 


On the date of the move, we will arrive to our customers residence or office with the requisite number of movers, the moving vehicle, and moving equipment. 


We will assess or re-asses the location and form a plan prior to beginning the loading of the items. 


We blanket wrap the items to be moved on site and then we strategically and safely load the items into the moving vehicle. 


Upon reaching the unloading destination, we will again assess or re-assess the location and use the gathered information  to effectively unload the items.

Why Choose Us

We make the process as simple as possible for you.


We offer convenient scheduling options to make planning your move simple.


We ensure that our moving options are right for the move that you are planning.


We treat every item that you possess as extremely precious.  We will do our best to safeguard these items to prevent damage.


Being situated between Charlottesville, Virginia and Harrisonburg, Virginia puts us in a great reach to the other parts of Virginia due to interstates 81 and 64, which as a couple of the main conduits, ensures that we can get to your starting point or to your destination quickly.

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