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Specialty Moving Options

Find Out How Easy Moving Can Be!!

There are some items that need a little something special.  In such cases let our years of service and attention to detail get the job done for you.

When it comes to Pianos, Pool Tables, Safes, and Large Equipment we have a tremendous amount of experience moving each.

We understand the value of each of these items and that if they are moved incorrectly, there could be a risk of damage to the item or the property.  For this reason, as well as the pride we take in doing a great job - we will ensure we move your specialty item successfully.

By selecting us for this service, you are gaining experienced movers and moving equipment to make sure your items get to its destination, safely and securely. 

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Hire Us!! We will deliver!!

"WB Movers showed up on time on a Sunday to disassemble, move, and reassemble it on same day. They were quick, accurate, explained clearly throughout the process. They were professional, witty, and a pair of excellent movers. I will be hiring them again when I need a Grand Piano moved and even when we move into our next house. Highly recommended for all your moving needs - larger or small."
(Matthew S. - Thumbtack Review) 01/29/2017

What We Provide

By choosing the Specialty Moving Option, WB Movers will provide: 

  • Moving Crew

  • Moving Equipment

  • Moving Vehicle

You can choose other services to accompany the Specialty Moving Option, such as:

  • Full Service Moving

  • Loading & Unloading

  • Packing & Unpacking

  • Debris Removal

  • Housekeeping

Our Process

We will collect general information and information about the specialty item or items that we will be transporting.


On the date of service, we will arrive to our customers residence or loading site with the requisite number of movers, moving equipment, and a moving vehicle (if requested). 


We will assess or re-asses the location and form a plan prior to beginning the loading of the items. 


We blanket wrap the items to be moved on site and then we strategically and safely load the items into the moving vehicle. 


Upon reaching the unloading destination, we will again assess or re-assess the location and use the gathered information  to effectively unload the items.

Pool Tables

We have increased our service offerings during out time in business.  Our first pool table move occurred during April 2016.  We carefully researched the process involved in disassembling and assembling pool tables.  While researching the process we would quiz each other.  Following this process our confidence increased and our first pool table move was executed without issue.  Since this time, we have assembled, disassembled, or completed the entire process for more than 75 pool tables.  We have moved a variety of brands, which include brand new and older models.  As our experience has grown our effectiveness and efficiency has as well.

"The guys arrived promptly and were very polite. They disassembled a pool table and moved it to storage. They also moved a couch and had to take down a railing to get it out of the house. They kept me informed every step of the way. Would definitely use them again."
(Kim Escuerdo - Google Review) 


We have moved safes since this business began.  We have moved safes up to 900 pounds.  We have found success in moving them up/down stairs, in narrow fitting areas, and in areas where carpenters have designed the area just for the safe we are moving.  We utilize equipment specific to the type of situation that we are encountering.  To provide excellent service, we require pictures of the safe, the model type, and the approximate weight.  A site evaluation is best to ensure a smooth process on the date of the move.  Currently, we move safes under 900 pounds.

"WB Movers has facilitated and run two different moves for me. They did an excellent job moving a full home with several antique pieces, took the utmost care with our belongings, and had zero issues getting them to the new home.
They also moved two pianos, wrapped them so well that a natural disaster wouldn't have damaged them and safely delivered them to two separate destinations.
I would and will absolutely use them for any moves that I have in the future, and am overjoyed at how well they did and the care they took with our belongings"
(Alex Rigney - Facebook Review) 


We have moved approximately 325 pianos; these are a variety of sizes, brands, types, and designs since offering this service.  Types include spinets, tall uprights, and baby grand pianos.  Approximately 30 of these are baby grand pianos, with the remainder being divided between spinets and taller upright pianos.  We have moved pianos successfully in challenging situations.  Approximately 99% of our piano moves have been successful.  

When moving pianos, we ensure that the piano is blanket wrapped enough to allow a grip on the handle on the backside of spinets and and uprights (baby grand pianos are completely covered).  We do not roll the piano at any time, as this can damage the wheels and/or legs.  We ensure that we have at least 3 movers, depending on the weight of the piano.  We do not currently move grand pianos.  In order for us to provide excellent service, we need pictures of the piano and the approximate weight.  Site evaluations are done on a case by case basis.  

Piano - Shane.PNG
"They were great. We had a piano to move and they made it look easy. Fast and thorough. Best price around too. Will use them again for sure. Thank you!"
(Morgan Lanier - Google Review) 
"WB Movers did a great job from beginning to end. My furniture was big and extremely heavy, moving a baby grand piano, and several large pieces of furniture without any damages. I highly recommend anyone needing to hire a moving company to call WB Movers for excellent service. Margaret"
(Margaret A. - Thumbtack Review) 02/17/2017

Why Choose Us

We make the process as simple as possible for you.


We offer convenient scheduling options to make planning your move simple.


We ensure that our moving options are right for the move that you are planning.


We treat every item that you possess as extremely precious.  We will do our best to safeguard these items to prevent damage.


Being situated between Charlottesville, Virginia and Harrisonburg, Virginia puts us in a great reach to the other parts of Virginia due to interstates 81 and 64, which as a couple of the main conduits, ensures that we can get to your starting point or to your destination quickly.

When choosing us for Specialty Moving Services, just...

  • Provide pictures and information about the specialty item(s) to be transported.

  • Let us know when you need the items transported.

  • Relax, while we take care of the rest.

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